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Nature is made to conspire with spirit to emancipate us.  Ralph Emerson

Priroda je stvorena da nas u zavjeri sa duhom oslobodi. Ralph Emerson

This earth is ours, it does not belong to the communists, the socialists, or the capitalists; it is yours and mine, to be lived on happily, richly, without conflict. But that richness of life, that happiness, that feeling, ” This earth is ours ”, cannot be brought about by enforcement, by law. It must come from within because we love the earth and all the things thereof; and that is the state of learning. J. Krishnamurti 1895 – ­1986

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The United Nations “Recognizes the right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right that is essential for the full enjoyment of life and all human rights” – UN Resolution 64/292, July 2010

Visit –  support Irish people who fight for all people on the earth – our rights to live free as they say: “Water is a human right and a public good, not a commodity.”  – Against charges for water –

Posjetite, kliknite na navedenu adresu i saznajte za Irce koji se bore protiv naplaćivanja računa za vodu. Oni kažu: “Voda je ljudsko pravo i javno dobro, a ne roba.” Dakle ne smiju vlade ili privatne kompanije naplaćivati vodu i na tome zarađivati i novac preusmjeravati za njihove vlastite svrhe. Voda, kao i ostale osnovne potrebe za život ne smiju biti pretvorene u trgovačku robu za zaradu jer je to ružni oblik, materijalizma koji vodi do nadmetanja za bogaćenjem i iskorištavanjem ljudi, životinja i biljaka i cijele zemlje dakle života. 

“Ovo je naša zemlja, ona ne pripada komunistima, socijalistima, ili kapitalistima; ona je tvoja i moja, da bi na njoj živjeli sretno, bogato, bez sukoba. Ali to bogatstvo života, ta sreća, taj osjećaj, ” Ova zemlja je naša,” ne može biti ostvaren kroz prisilu, zakonom. To mora doći iznutra zato jer mi volimo zemlju i zbog toga sve stvari; i to je stanje učenja.” J. Krishnamurti

Greek economist Yanis Varofaukis explained in his recent book that economists generally cannot comprehend a world outside of commodities. They know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. Nothing can exist outside the world of supply and demand and therefore they find it impossible to understand what they believe is irrational human behaviour. He uses blood donations as a way to illustrate his point.Countries who pay for blood donations have a lower uptake than countries who rely on unpaid donations. This is because when you commodify an item, it loses its goodwill factor. A donor who was willing to donate blood on the basis that they wanted to help someone in need may feel cheapened by the process of being paid, and change their mind about donating. On the other hand, a householder on the minimum wage will spend a much higher proportion of their income on the same bill – and again, as stated throughout the Right2Water campaign, domestic water charges are an attack on the standard of living for the poorest in our society.

Not one media outlet interviewed Maude Barlow or covered the two speeches she made. Maude, if you don’t know, has written four books on water and was an advisor to the UN on water, along with dozens of other accolades. She is widely recognised as one of he worlds leading experts on water. Her statement simply didn’t fit the medias and right-wing agenda.“The Irish system of paying for water and sanitation services through progressive taxation and non-domestic user fees, is an exemplary model of fair equitable and sustainable service delivery for the entire world”  When the European Water Movement, the activists who are battling against water shut-offs and water poverty all across Europe released their statement on the water privatisation agenda in Ireland, they were also completely ignored. “It is clear that the best method of securing access to water, and securing funds for infrastructural investment, is through general taxation. “The European Water Movement views the struggle of the Irish people to abolish water charges, and to secure a referendum enshrining public ownership of Ireland’s water system, as yet more evidence of a real European people’s movement to democratise water management.” Visit  above web site to read more about  people who fight for life. 














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Križaljka-Zemlja-Voda-Život  (Croatian language – Hrvatski )

Život Voda Zemlja   ( English and Croatian language – presentations/prezentacije – For Life and Earth / Za Život i Zemlju )                                                                                                                                                                                              

Flowing with milk and honey are the udders of the Earth. Why do you let both sour with your greed by taking of them more than you need? . . . – A perfect unit is the Earth. Why do you persist in disremembering her with  swords and boundary-marks? Mikhail Naimy

There can be no rest for those of us who love the Earth, our children, and our grandchildren. There is no running away for those who really love, for love is the greatest power. We are part of the life force of this world, and when one part is sick, all is sick. Tom Brown, Jr. THE QUEST

It is time men stopped the butchering of men. The sun and moon and stars are since eternity awaiting to be seen and heard and understood; the alphabet of Earth, to be deciphered; the highways of Space, to be traveled; and raveled thread of Time, to be unraveled; the fragrance of the Universe, to be inhaled; the catacombs of Pain, to be demolished; the den of death, to be ransacked; the bread of Understanding, to be tasted; and Man, the God in veils, to be unveiled. It is time men stopped the pillaging of men and unified their ranks to carry on the common task. Enormous is the task, but sweet the victory. All else is trite and empty in comparison. . . . . – If nothing else can make you feel your oneness with the Universe, the Earth alone should make you feel it. Yet Earth herself is but the mirror wherein your shadows are reflected. Is the mirror more than the mirrored? Is the shadow cast by a man more than the man?  Mikhail Naimy 1889 ­- 1988 – THE BOOK OF MIRDAD


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